Ceria Brewing and 1906 Edibles Specials

November Dispensary Specials at DANK Dispensary in Denver

October is over and the snow has started to fly here in Colorado. The changing seasons are a blessing to behold, especially when you’re packing the heat from DANK. With top quality buds and Colorado’s finest cannabis infused products, DANK Dispensary specials are a great way to experience cannabis at you’re one stop neighborhood shop in Park Hill.

I’m excited to share with you these killer November specials, featuring an inventory blowout from the DANK garden, as well as smoking deals on 1906 Edibles and Ceria Brewing.

With “crop-tober” behind us, we’re celebrating another stellar month of cultivation under the watchful eye of grow manager Jeremy Kraus. Thanks to him and our grow crew, we enjoy the fruit of their labor with ounce specials. This month we feature Grease Monkey, an indica hybrid cross from Gorilla Glue and Cookies n Cream, both found in the DANK garden. Grease Monkey buds are dense and sticky, easy to roll and delightful to smoke. The effects are mostly in the body as the indica characteristics takes hold. With potency ranges from 25% – 29%, Grease Monkey is strong plant medicine, great for insomnia and stimulating appetites. Look for ounces of Grease Monkey, and more, special this month for $82 Medical ($8 OTD) and $78 Retail ($99 OTD).

Boom! Now that’s a cheap ounce! You Want more?

Enjoy 40% OFF 1906 Edibles. This operation is on-point, making delicious chocolate gems, perfectly pressed drops, exquisite expresso beans and connoisseur butter cups. You won’t taste the canna-oil inside these treats, top shelf right here. Surprisingly, their best seller are the Drops. Six styles of discrete and mobile drops…take them everywhere! Choose from Bliss, Go, Genius, Chill, Midnight and Love. Gluten free, sugar free, guilt free.

As we roll into holiday season with a grin, snag yourself a pack of Ceria Brewing THC infused beers for 30% OFF all month long. These non-alcoholic beers are tasty and satisfying, take it from me…a beer drinker. Choose from the Indiewave IPA and the Grainwave Belgian White Ale. They are both fantastic beers and a great company to support. This is brewing beer at it’s finest! Visit DANK on PROMO day for deeper specials and Ceria gear!

DANK cannabis dispensary in Denver Colorado
DANK Dispensary Ounce Specials in Denver
Ceria Brewing Specials at DANK Dispensary in Denver November
Ceria Brewing Specials at DANK Dispensary in Denver November
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