Best Strains for the Holidays

Holiday Cannabis Strains at DANK in Denver

Holidays call for social smoking and there’s no better way to share bud than a fresh ground flower from DANK. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve or even a birthday, express your love by sharing a fatty with a friend. Thanks to our newsletter, we’ve heard flower is a favorite so we’ve put together our Best Strains for the Holidays. Be a part of the next bud-tender poll by signing up today. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy your Holidank with our top picks for holiday vibes.

Northern Lights Cannabis at DANK Dispensary

Northern Lights Cannabis Indica

Genetics: Cross of landrace strains Afghani x Thai
Flavor: candy, piney, sweet
Effects: Indica, euphoric, relaxing, happy
Terpenes: humulene, caryophyllene
Potency: 21%-27% THC

Prepare your grinder for sticky buds as Northern Lights is delightfully resinous. This flower acts quickly, creating a sense of wellness through total relaxation from toes to tips. Sit back and enjoy Northern Lights with a friend, it’s a classic that DANK has grown since inception in 2009. “It’s like God’s vagina” says Pineapple Express.

Marcy Projexts Cannabis at DANK Dispensary Denver Colorado

Motorbreath Cannabis Hybrid

Genetics: San Fernando Valley OG Kush x Chemdawg
Flavor: pepper
Effects: Balanced hybrid, thought-provoking, pleasing
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, myrcene
Potency: 27%-34% THC

Great to roll as it grinds up perfectly, this hybrid cross delivers dense and potent buds with gassy peppery flavor. DANK’s Motorbreath is #15, rich in terpenes caryophyllene and myrcene which explain the spicy taste. Don’t miss this one, the unique flower with unique flavor. Find out why Denver smokers love Motorbreath.

Golden Goat Cannabis at DANK Dispensary Denver

Golden Goat Cannabis Sativa

Genetics: Hawaiian Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk
Flavor: like a sour Starburst fruit chew
Effects: Sativa-hybrid, uplifting, creative, joyful
Terpenes: terpinoline, limonene, humulene
Potency: 22%-29% THC

Hurry to DANK if you see Golden Goat on the menu. Known to alleviate anxiety and treat PTSD, Kansas stoners can be proud to develop these genetics. The buds are amber, frosty and sticky. Adding to the bag appeal is a strong and complex terpene profile, terpinolene and humulene. The initial impression is fruity and tropical, existing alongside a more sour tinge.  

Wedding Cake Cannabis at DANK Dispensary

Wedding Cake Cannabis Indica

Genetics: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints
Flavor: sweet like vanilla cake
Effects: Indica-hybrid, euphoric, calming
Terpenes: caryophyllene, limonene
Potency: 20%-27% THC

Wedding Cake provides relaxing and euphoric effects that calm the body and mind. The hype is in the flavor. It’s a delicious flower to smoke, containing a rich and velvety pallet with vanilla tones and a peppery aftertaste. If you’re chillin for night of Netflix, finish your bong and enjoy Pineapple Express to learn a thing or two about stoner life.

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