8 Stages of Cannabis Cultivation: Sales


Stages of Production: Sales

Our final stage of cannabis cultivation is the sales of the flower to our dispensary, or another licensed dispensary or processor. At DANK, we have two store licenses, a Medical store (2009) and an Adult Use (recreational) store (2013). By the time the flower reaches the store, it has been bottled up and sealed by the packaging department in child-resistant packaging (CRP). This process keeps the bud fresh while eliminating diversion. We like this process as it streamlines the transaction at the sales counter. We have given our packaging technicians specific instructions to make each eighth a “quality eighth.” Once we transfer flower to the store, the sales associate utilizes an eighth from the harvest block for the display jar. This ensures there is no “bait and switch” because the bud in the jar is from the same batch that is on the shelf.

We place our flower on two tiers. We call the top shelf VIP and the second shelf the BOMB. We utilize two shelves because not all bud grows equally. Cannabis grows in a variety of sizes resulting in different production. Our propagation room has over 40 strains of medical grade cannabis, rich in terpenes and high in cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Sativa strains, like Sour Diesel, Critical Mass and Golden Goat grow tall in the flowering room while indica strains stay short as seen in strains like Northern Lights, Bio Chem and Phantom OG. Because of this, each plant offers different production value. We grow (9) 5 gallon pots under each 1,000 watt light. We anticipate each plant to produce 3-4 ounces per plant. While some genetics are not big producers, others push out massive production. Those that produce small amounts of trichome laden buds are placed on the VIP shelf as each gram is more valuable. Look for small producers like Pure Kush and Afgooey.  Those big producers in the garden, like Green Crack, Chemdawg and Blue Dream are placed on the BOMB shelf.  We also look at the potency when setting the tier. Our 30 percenters like Death Star, Super White and Super Lemon Haze will appear on the VIP shelf for the connoisseurs. Those “session buds” that test from 15-25% THC will likely appear on the BOMB shelf, as seen with 303 OG and Witches Weed.

Stoner Trivia:
How many grams are in a lid and where did that term originate?

Each strain contains a unique set of terpenes and cannabinoids that affect our body after consumption. We are required by law to laboratory test each strain before transferring to the store, ensuring clean and safe consumable product. While the terpenes are not tested, we provide additional information on the typical terpene profile on our website product list. We feel the interconnectedness of the terpenes and the cannabinoids are what make the Plant special. As we consume cannabis, it regulates our body’s endocanninoid system. A balanced endocannabinoid system is what keeps us healthy. Consuming cannabis is integral to a healthy lifestyle. Visit DANK and ask our sales team about anything related to cannabis. Our sales team is trained in cannabis education from a number of resources so that you can ask them any question. We provide them on-board training from Cannabis Industry Institute. Many seek additional continuing education from Holos Health who provides an in-depth look at the endocannabinoid system and the effects of cannabis on the body. Anyone can take these classes, so don’t hesitate to learn more about the Plant.

Stoner Trivia (answer):
A lid is a term from the 60s and 70s that equates to about an ounce of marijuana placed in a Mayonnaise jar, “Right on man, fill it to the lid.”

Developing a pricing structure that works for our customers is of utmost importance. It is part of our core values. Our goal is to provide competitive pricing on top quality flower. We have to be strategic with our growing environment that keeps our costs low, like shared growing rooms and mechanical harvesting. Rest assured, our commitment to quality flower keeps us on point. The final price point has many factors impacting the final cost to our customers. With my series of blogs, “Stages of Cultivation from Seed to Sale,” hopefully you have a better idea of what it takes to generate a gram of cannabis.

With legalization, came a heavily taxed product in Colorado. We have to apply Denver sales tax as well as marijuana tax, district tax and excise tax. The result is a 26% tax on the Adult Use store and 8.3% tax on the Medical store. There is no product that is so burdened with taxation. While we strive to keep costs low, the tax on our product is through the roof.

Enjoy the flower. If you don’t feel it, smoke another. Get higher at DANK.

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