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DANK Dispensary July 4 Independence Day Sale
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July Dispensary Specials

Month to month, DANK offers the best dispensary deals in Denver and July is no exception. Colorado in July is one continuous party, starting with Independence Day, 710 Day and an endless array of stellar live music performances. Let’s gather in unity, brothers and sisters, and enjoy the festivities with DANK cannabis, concentrates and edibles. Hurry to DANK for the 40% OFF Inventory Smokeout, while supplies last! Elevate all month long with 40% OFF cartridges and 30% OFF wax, shatter and live resin from Newt Brothers. Their extensive lineup of perfectly extracted concentrate is a pleasure to behold. Clean, sticky and terpy, the already low price makes this a DANK deal! Also this month, look for deep savings on bulk cannabis flower. Recreational shoppers get $99 OTD ounces (28 grams) and medical shoppers get $79/$89$99 ounces.

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Follow the link to learn more about the Inventory Smokeout, featuring Newt Brothers, Evolab, Coda and more.

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DANK dispensary july 4 and 710 sale
dank dispensary newt brothers sale in denver
DANK Dispensary 710 July 4 Newt Brothers Sale
DANK Dispensary Ounce Sale 710 July 4 in Denver