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DANK Cannabis Topicals in Denver Colorado

Treat yourself during the holidays with silky cannabis-infused topicals. Not only are they crafted from top-shelf cannabis, topicals are developed by skin care specialists to ensure they are as satisfying as they are potent. As an amazing testament to the power of the cannabis plant, relief is provided both from the outside and the inside. Topicals these days are generally transdermal, meaning that they travel beyond the skin barrier, into the bloodstream, making them especially effective on inflammation, swelling and pain. Use them daily for an overall sense of wellness. Use them on ‘date night’ for an intimate massage for you’re loved one. Use them as gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday, Fathers Day, Mother’s Day and Valentines Day. We have many mixtures from which to choose, including a variety of THC and CBD potency, as well as creative mixtures of essential oils and terpenes into soothing oils and lotions. Click here to view more topicals.

Call a DANK-budtender if you have any questions or stop by to view the products. Pro tip: shop on Thursdays for 30% OFF topicals.

Mary Jane's Medicinals

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Salve, Lotion and Oil

“Just put some salve on it!” Scrapes, bums, bruises…they all need some salve. Great as a holiday gift or a special treat, Mary Jane’s Medicinals offers top-shelf skin care to those who believe in the healing power of cannabis. What’s not to believe, this stuff works! Going on smooth, Mary Jane’s salves, lotions and oils assist in addressing inflamed areas with speed and efficacy. It’s no wonder DANK has carried these wonderful topicals since 2009. If you’re serious about self-care, get the Aloe Lotion for you and your partner. It’s thick and silky, like a spa treatment right at home.

Mary's Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals Patches, Compounds and Gels

Another OG in the Colorado cannabis industry (and the world) is Mary’s Medicinals. They have perfected medicinal level products for those in need of relief. They succeeded with transdermal patches and soothing compounds. Designed to be non-intrusive, the patches are defined by their discretion. Peel, stick and wait for the relaxation. Use the compound to treat acute pain and inflamation, it’s no joke! Just like all topicals, users dont’ feel the euphoric effects of THC. Instead, just pain relief. If you need product shipped because you are not in Colorado, consider Mary’s Nutritionals, a CBD line of products that contain no THC that can be shipped directly to your home.

ioVia thc cbd at dank dispensary denver colorado

Iovia Transdermal Cream, Bath Soak and Cool Relief Gel

“It just works.” The people have spoken and they love the immediate relief from Iovia Transdermal Creams. Delivering heat to inflamed areas, you’ll be left wondering what happened and where to get more. Available in a mix of THC and CBD combinations, it’s up to you to find the sweet spot. Use it on a sore ankle, a bad back or a nagging migraine. It there is one product to have in your medicine cabinet, it’s Iovia Transdermal Cream, relief in a jar.

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