Wyld Gummies 30% OFF Sale

Wyld Gummies Sale at DANK Dispensary Denver

This December is special at DANK as our customers get to experience the best edibles in the country for 30% OFF. Now is the time to for Wyld, maker of high-end cannabinoid-infused gummies. Putting it bluntly, they are crushing it at Wyld after introducing their Oregon infused gummies into 4 legalized states and now Canada. At DANK Dispensary, we had a good feeling about them and hope you too enjoy the good vibes from Wyld.

Wyld gummies are made with real fruit ingredients and natural flavors for authentic, true-to-fruit flavor.They use cannabis extracts blended with unique botanical and fruit terpenes to craft world class flavors, effects and experiences. Wyld gummies incorporate THC and CBD, as well as other minor cannabinoids such as CBN (for sleep) and CBG (for pain relief). Learn more on their awesome website!

December’s featured flower from the DANK garden is Sundae Driver. This flower is a perfectly balanced hybrid that is as beautiful as it is effective. With hints of amber, the buds are coated in trichomes that break up into a perfectly sticky texture. Not to be missed, Sundae Driver has become a campsite favorite throughout the Rocky Mountains. For best results, add a few buds to a DANK grinder. After a few turns, the stash comes alive with gooey goodness, perfect for rolling joints.

“Sundae Driver is one of those strains that’s perfect for just about everyone – newer users can start slowly with her and time their high to kick in toward the latter part of their day while those who are more experienced could enjoy smoking this bud without abandon. Her mixture of great flavors and balanced effects usually check off all the boxes no matter what your plans are for the day.” Wikileaf

This time of year, it’s important that we support each other, extend a hand of kindness. Thanks to the kindness of our shoppers, we are able to support the Community Pantry here in Park Hill. With an additional dose of kindness, DANK again offered a financial gift to the Greater Park Hill Community, INC. We’re blessed to be a part of the neighborhood.

Happy Holidank!

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