Our Commitment to Safe Vaping

DANK is Committed to Safe Vaping

DANK Dispensary is has been a leading brand of premium cannabis products in Colorado since inception in 2009. Consumers can purchase and use DANK products with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that our vape products use 100% pure cannabis plant extracts and whole plant extracted terpenes, with no additives. We source our personal vape pens from Colorado licensed vendors who are thoroughly vetted to ensure their vaporizer oil does not contain Vitamin E Acetate (Tocopherol), nor any other adulterants such as Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol, or Vegetable Glycerin. Additionally, we sell only the finest “CCELL” vaporizer technology, ensuring that metals, plastics and glues don’t contaminate the product. Learn more about the difference quality makes from EvoLAB CO2 , a top seller at DANK.

“You can purchase DANK products with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that DANK lists all ingredients on our labels and that we will never use harmful cutting agents, color removers, fillers, or any other adulterants,” Dan Glenn, DANK’s Managing Partner stated. “Furthermore, I highly recommend consumers only purchase cannabis products from a licensed facility. Products in a Colorado licensed facility have to meet very stringent testing guidelines that are put in place to protect the consumer.”

All our products, from flower to live resin, must pass stringent state-approved, independent laboratory testing that delivers verified products to the consumer. At DANK, our clean-room grow facility maintains sanitary conditions through rigorous practices and investments in environmental control equipment. As any of our vendors can testify, the cost of compliance can be substantial.

DANK is committed to providing the highest quality products in the nation. We value the relationship we have built with our customers and intend to honor their trust by providing premium products, with integrity. For added assurance, consumers can view the laboratory’s testing results located on every package sold.

Read our blog for tips on recognizing fake carts in the market. Additionally, please read comments from each of our vendors and their commitment to quality vaping products: Mary’s Medicinals, EvoLab, Ascend Concentrates, Rockin Extracts and CSC.

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