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DANK has been a dispensary and cultivation partner of City Sessions Denver for over five years. City Sessions is Denver’s premier boutique Cannabis Touring company. The owner, Goldie is an expert in the Cannabis industry and focuses on education and consumption methods tailored to each individual. City Sessions Experiences will get you up close and personal with our craft grow facility. Get in the garden and learn about the history of DANK, the operation, genetics, and the logistics of harvesting 60 -100 plants a week. On a City Sessions tour, we’ll outline the full lifecycle of the plant from clone to cure then take you to the dispensary to see and smell the final products. The knowledgeable and passionate tour guides will breakdown product lines and answer all of your questions along with our staff, and as a guest of City Sessions, your purchases will be discounted.

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City Sessions’ tours are all private and customizable and will be tailored to how you want to experience cannabis in the Mile High City. Servicing four main demographics; first time consumers, regular consumers, industry investors, and medical patients, City Sessions provides a full immersion education on the cannabis plant. In addition, they teach guests how to navigate the product line for their own unique body chemistry to enhance an experience or aid in an ailment. Looking to tour a commercial grow? Dive into the process of extraction? Or get out to explore colorful Colorado? Look no further!

City Sessions partners with local Colorado cannabis brands that are of the highest quality in the market. They have vetted these brands and given them the City Sessions Seal of Approval for their dedication to quality, consistency, and innovation. All of their partner brands can be found in their annual City Sessions Guidebook, which provides great deals and acts as a roadmap to your local mile-high experience.

In addition, City Sessions has curated a free educational platform called The Human Side of Cannabis for those seeking to deepen their cannabis knowledge. The Human Side of Cannabis is a reputable source of cannabis education created by a group of industry professionals with a combined 15 years of experience in the legal cannabis market. The articles cover the different parts of the plant, its different uses, the various forms of consumption, how to grow, and how to effectively make cannabis a part of your lifestyle.

Goldie Solodar founded City Sessions Denver in January of 2014 when the state of Colorado opened its doors to legal Adult-Use cannabis and started hosting private tours. Over the first year in operation, Goldie met visitors from all over the world and made strong connections within the Colorado industry. Through these connections, she’s learned that cannabis does not discriminate and everyone has different interests in the plant. She has designed City Sessions to be a community based educational resource where people can learn, experience, and understand how to incorporate this remarkable plant into their lives.

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