What Type of Cannabis Consumer are You?

Cannabis consumers come in all shapes and sizes as well as ages and experience. DANK Dispensary has been guiding cannabis enthusiasts since 2009 when we started our small medical dispensary in northeast Denver. Since inception, we have taken great pride in customer satisfaction which is based on quality information and a huge selection of products. As our product selection grew and vendors developed technologically advanced products, we stayed sharp, educating our bud-tenders as well as our customers. What kind of customer are you? Answering this can help us identify the best cannabis products for your purpose.

Types of Customers


Customers looking to relieve something specific are patients. Many people are seeking relief and are welcome to shop at DANK Dispensary because medical or recreational shoppers both get the medical benefit of cannabis.


If you have had some experiences with cannabis that make me uncomfortable. DANK Budtenders are here to help you with your decision and want everyone to enjoy their experience. Start slow.


You know what you want. Our regulars are treated like family and many times we can recommend something based on previous selections at the dispensary.


You have lots of experience and always looking to try new experiences. We’ve got products and experiences for all levels of cannabis consumers so that everyone can keep kind.

Answer These Questions Before You Shop

What are some products you’ve enjoyed in the past?

DANK Dispensary carries more than 100 cannabis infused products, cannabis extracts and cannabis flower. If there is something you have enjoyed in the past, DANK is sure to have a product very similar.

What smells do you like?

Cannabis flower has terpenes which create scents in plant material. Think of a smell you enjoy and match that to the cannabis plant. Think of lavender, lemons, pepper, or fuel…to name a few.

What’s been your experience with cannabis in the past?

Tolerance levels change depending on the product you use and the frequency of use. Your personal experience with cannabis can help use pin-point the perfect product for you.

Are there activities you want to do after you consume?

Skiing, snowboarding, hiking or climbing, we’d like to know more about your intent because then we can suggest energy inducing cannabis products or sedative products.

What time of day are you looking to consume?

Morning, noon, night…what is your preference for cannabis consumption? Some ailments require continuous cannabis dosing to be effective while other users may use cannabis as a sleep aid.

Tell me more about what you mean by that feeling (e.g. “chill”)?

Be as descriptive as you can when describing your goals with cannabis.

On a spectrum of energizing to calm, where do you hope to be?

A detailed description is hugely beneficial when there are so many cannabis products from which to choose.

How do you typically consume cannabis?

Are you a joint smoker or a edible eater? There is something for everyone so get what you want.

Are you curious about any consumption methods?

Exploring the advances in cannabis consumption is fun. Open your mind to dabbing, topicals and nano-particles so that you are canna-educated.

How much do you typically consume?

This is a tolerance question because everyone is different. Some people can consume 300mg of THC with minimal visual effects while others need only 5mg to feel funky. Know your limits.

What kinds of effects are you looking for?

The effects can hit you whether you want them or not so prepare properly by getting all the information.

Are there any effects you’d like to avoid?

Many people shop for cannabis products based on feelings they want to avoid.