November DANK Dispensary Deals on Flower, Edibles and Concentrates

Dank Dispensary Specials November Denver Colorado

Halloween Sale

Happy Halloween Smokers! Breathe in the spooky events of the day with your favorite cannabis products from DANK Dispensary, Denver’s Best Dispensary. This just in, the manager has released the “You Choose the Deal” Promotion for Halloween, every visitor chooses a deal from our rotating Daily Deals. It’s a dream come true to have deals like this on Halloween, Monday, October 31st 2022!

DANK Dispensary Halloween Sale Denver Colorado
DANK Dispensary Halloween Sale Denver Colorado
DANK Dispensary Halloween Sale Denver Colorado

November Deals

Sunny crisp days and cool windy nights, that’s what November brings to Colorado. Do you have your DANK Hoodie yet? With the changing weather, there are new challenges…like where do I smoke a joint on these cold Colorado mornings?!? Nowadays, dabbing and vaping is popular around here as the temperatures drop and smoking moves indoors. Still, there are those glorious Colorado days when the sun shines, begging us to get outside. Whether it’s a bike ride on the Platte River Trail or a dog walk in City Park, DANK Dispensary will be your bud. If you’re seeing live music, don’t forget to visit DANK for 20% OFF the day of the show!

This month, we feature fantastic flower on sale for bulk buyers. At DANK in Denver, the more you buy the more you save. Serious smokers save 40% when they buy recreational ounces, on sale every day for $99 out-the-door, tax included ($79 Ounces in the Medical store)! Hurry to our Park Hill location as we package our 2022 fall harvest, there will never be another one like this! Terpy, crusty, frosty…these are words that came to mind on a recent inspection. Standouts include Hulkamania, Chemdawg, Death Star, Bio-chem…and more!

This November, both medical and retail shoppers get 30% OFF award-winning chocolates and fruit notes from Coda Signature. A bud-tenders favorite, Coda has elevated the bar with delightful flavors in unique combinations. For that, we say “Dank You!”

Retail customers are lining up for the 40% OFF Concentrates Sale. We love this promotion and you will too. Choose one or chose them all: Live Resin, Live Resin Cartridges, Sugar Wax and Shatter. Medical and retail shoppers in Denver can get set on concentrates with 50% OFF 4 gram Concentrate Sale.

What type of concentrate is created when plants are immediately frozen before the extraction process?

Recreational Cannabis Specials

$99 Ounce Sale (Recreational)

DANK features 9 rotating cannabis cultivars on the shelf every day, keeping kind since 2009. If you’re looking for a bargain, DANK offers special prices on select ounces (28 grams) every day for just $77 plus tax, $99 out-the-door, tax included. Max-out your purchasing limit to save 60% off regularly priced ounces of flower. We’re not fooling around here, the bud is quality smoke! No shake, no stems, no seeds…just quality DANK buds.

DANK Dispensary Ounce Sale Denver Colorado

30% Off Coda Signature Chocolate and Fruit Notes

Get quality sleep while elevating your sense of well being by indulging in edibles from Coda Signature, makers of cannabis-infused fruit notes and gourmet chocolate. This month at DANK, get 30% off your favorite Coda product to experience the award winning confections from this top-quality, multi-state operator. Their chocolates are a real pleasure, smooth and silky, with no recognizable cannabis flavor. Their fruit notes melt in your mouth, but not in the bag. Their formula resists total meltdown on a hot day, unlike many competitors. Available in a rainbow of flavors, Coda Fruit Notes are vegan friendly, gluten-free, all-natural, real fruit flavoring, a perfect complement to sweet or savory treats. How about pairing a Strawberry & Rhubarb Fruit Note with goat cheese on a cracker? Serving a Coconut & Lime Fruit Note with grilled shrimp? Or cooling off with a Lychee & Cucumber Fruit Note served with a sprig of mint and a dash of ginger. View some recipes and explore Coda Signature before making your way to DANK for the 30% OFF sale!

DANK Dispensary Coda Sale Denver Colorado

50% Off 4 grams of Live Resin and Live Resin Vape Carts

Get your Live Resin and 500mg Live Resin Vape Cartridges at DANK to save 40% off MSRP. Newt Brothers Artisanal has perfected their process and vapers around Colorado have been extremely thankful for their dedication to their craft. It’s small-batch operators like them that we at DANK love to support. Their flash frozen flower creates smooth-hitting live concentrates, 100% cannabis Live Resin Cartridges and Live Resin that is potent and flavorful, a perfect combination for the connoisseur inside you.

DANK Dispensary Live Resin Sale Denver Colorado

50% Off 4 Grams of Wax and Shatter

Newt Brothers Wax and Shatter ain’t no joke. Get into the game with a personal dab pen from Lookah. Three temperature settings allow for perfect hits no matter the batter. The process goes like this…take a pea-sized dab of wax or shatter, smear it thin into a jar, and gently set the heated quartz tip into the concentrate, vaporizing the dab into your lungs. Pro-tip: set the Lookah pen on ‘party mode’ to bring the continuous heat.

Dank Dispensary Shatter Wax Sale Denver Colorado

Medical Marijuana Specials

$79 Ounce Sale (Online Exclusive)

The DANK Medical Marijuana Shop continues to make available 28 gram ounces at the best price in town. Get an ounce of DANK buds for only $72 plus tax, $79 out-the-door, tax included. Max out for only $158 OTD. We offer a huge selection of cannabis flower, mix and match by the half ounce. Special thanks go out to all those medical ounce buyers over the years. When we began back in 2009, we were the first and only grower in Park Hill…my have things have changed! With all that stiff competition, we greatly appreciate your extra effort to get to DANK.

“Dank you” for supporting local small-businesses like us!

DANK Dispensary Ounce Sale Denver Colorado

50% Off 4 Grams of Live Resin

Buy in bulk to save in bulk. Save 50% when you buy 4 grams of Live Resin from Ten Six Labs. For $70 OTD, it’s a great savings. Get yourself a personal dab pen and enjoy a quick hit of fresh frozen full-spectrum Live Resin from DANK, you’ll thank us later. Flash-frozen plants are the key to any live concentrate.

Dank Dispensary Live Resin Sale

50% Off 4 Grams of Sugar Wax

Buy in bulk to save in bulk. For only $45 OTD, get 4 grams of Sugar Wax from Ten Six Labs. Their wax is smooth hitting, terpene rich and provides quick results to the head and body. Sit back, grab your dab rig and relax to Netflix after you blast off on cannabis concentrates from DANK.

Dank Dispensary Wax Sale

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“Live” Concentrates are flash frozen immediately after cutting in order to maintain their terpene profiles, which in turn retains the plant’s original flavor and fragrance in the final product.