DANK Flower Sale and 30% OFF Wyld Gummies

DANK Dispensary March Specials in Denver
DANK February Flower Sale Ounce and Half Ounce

Man, what a February and what a temperature swing for March!!! Delightful in Denver, dumping in Dillon. This 70 degree weather is phine, “where the climate suits my cloths.” That’s what makes Colorado special. Did anyone else get out to the Colorado wilderness to enjoy a powder day last month? Skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, February was a cannabis winter to remember as the snow was falling hard around the state.

Hopefully, you dropped by your favorite Park Hill dispensary, DANK, for an ounce of kind bud. We were stoked to offer deep savings on the cannabis buds from Mountain Orchid, a women-owned operation in Montezuma, Colorado. Their flower is on-point, sticky, and terpy. Thanks to Mountain Orchid for showing us how it’s done at 10,000 feet, delivering flower grown with positive vibrations, literally. Check out more on their website, they are representing Colorado well. Let’s rally to continue the support this Summit County phriendly operation during the long hard winter of 2022.  

In an effort to keep a good thing going this March, DANK is extending our FLOWER SALE, where you get an ounce of cannabis flower for only $89 Out-the-door (OTD) or a $45 half ounce and 20% OFF your remaining order. To check out today’s specials click here!  

DANK Dispensary March Special in Denver, Colorado

Featured Special

March at DANK also features 30% OFF Wyld Gummies. Choose from an assortment of innovative flavors in a gummy that cannot be matched in the Colorado cannabis industry. Say goodbye to high fructose corn syrup and hello to natural fruit sweetener and THC. These guys are crushing it and we will soon see these Colorado gummies across the nation. Try them all: Pomegranate, Marionberry, Boysenberry, Raspberry, Peach and Pear. Wyld is not a candy, it’s a culture. 

DANK Dispensary March Specials

“Wyld is disruptive, unconstrained, willing to defy gravity.  We make our dreams a reality every day, and we are just beginning.”

— Arron Morris, Founder from Forbes Magazine

Do you want to see something cool? Smoke a pre-roll and check out the Wyld website, a technological wonder and educational on all levels. Learn about their process, their passion and their mission while navigating through an innovative website. We love this company at DANK Dispensary and we think you will too. 

As this is written, we keep the Ukrainian people in our hearts as well as all those displaced and threatened from political wars around the globe. We wish you well so you can smoke in peace. In your honor, we’re blazing at DANK.

Keeping kind,
Jay Griffin, Partner

DANK Dispensary March Specials