Spherex PAX Pod


Spherex PAX Pod

Welcome to Spherex vape and concentrate experts, where you’ll discover a wide variety of strains that appeal to every palate. They’ve designed consistent, flavorful and enhanced PAX Pod vape cartridges in a variety of flavors and strains. The PAX Pod ERA system offers superior control and safety, a technology that sets them apart from the others.

Spherex remains committed to providing consumers with pure cannabis concentrates and terpenes. They do not use any harmful additives, including vitamin E acetate, in their concentrates nor their vape products. All Spherex products undergo rigorous third-party testing for outside contaminants and are compliant with applicable state laws. To ensure safety, they encourage everyone to purchase all products from licensed cannabis retailers, like DANK.

Pre-filled PAX Pods as an Alternative to Cartridges

The PAX Pod is an alternative to cannabis oil cartridges that blends the feature-rich design of portable vaporizers with the simplicity and no-maintenance benefits of a cannabis oil cartridge. These devices are known as pod vapes. They are compatible with a proprietary pod specifically made for use with a certain model of pod vape. Generally, pods are available in many different cultivars from a wide range of extractors. Best of all, pod vapes offer some of the great features that portable vaporizers are known for.

The PAX Era is designed to work with PAX SimpleClick™ pods from more than 50 extract partners and include concentrated extracts from more than 250 cultivars of cannabis. The PAX Era also offers advanced features like Bluetooth® connectivity and haptic feedback notifications. The device is extremely compact and features four temperature settings, as well as an instant heat-up time. When connected to the PAX mobile app, the PAX Era offers precise temperature setting down to the degree. The app also allows consumers to lock their device. Its pods use a dual-wick design to ensure all the concentrated extract material is utilized. Much like pre-filled cartridges, though, the PAX Era and its pods require little to no maintenance and no post-session clean-up.

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