Nokhu Labs


Nokhu Labs Flower and Solventless Concentrates

Nokhu Labs is focused on the craft of cannabis cultivation. They believe “you get out, what you put in,”  which applies to their products, their profession, and their daily lives.  By focusing on solventless concentrates, their end products are only as good as the Cannabis that goes in, and the processes used to expertly create concentrates. Nokhu is dedicated to the craft of bringing you the highest quality Cannabis products available.

Hash Infused Cannabis Cigar

Top shelf flower from a soil-grown garden combined with ice water bubble hash in a 4:1 ratio. The King Palm Mini provides a tobacco-free “mini blunt” experience for a smooth burn and exceptional taste. These little beauties pack a punch!

Solventless Hash Oil Vape Cartridge

Made from first press Live Rosin, the SHO Cartridges are single strain, high potency, and solventless/additive-free. Nokhu utilizes the highest quality cartridge that is well suited for the higher viscosity oils in a solventless product.

Live Rosin

Nokhu Lab’s flagship product – their Full Spectrum Live Rosin represents a beautifully concentrated representation of their high-quality Cannabis.  Fresh frozen flower, ice water, heat & pressure, and nothing else.

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