Newt Brothers THC Extracts and Edibles


Newt Brothers has developed a line of handcrafted chocolates, concentrates and caviar for the cannabis connoisseur. They start by growing the highest-grade cannabis in their state-of-the-art facility. Once ready for harvest, flower is dried and cured to perfection with patented drying hooks. After the drying and curing are complete, the flower is released to hand trimmers so as not to lose any of the product’s integrity, which you might experience with machine trimming. When the trimmers have worked their magic, the product is moved to an ultramodern extraction lab where an extraction specialists begin their artistry to make amazing Newt Brothers concentrates.

Whether the concentrate is going on the shelf or into delicious edibles, it is mandatory to meet only the highest cannabis standards. Look, feel, touch and taste must be perfect for it to leave their facility. Products have been developed specifically with medical clients in mind, so you can get the medicinal benefits required paired with consistent, great-tasting products!

About Newt Brothers

Newt Brothers Artisanal is a completely family-owned company based in Denver, CO. They have been in operation Medically since 2016 and Recreationally since 2017. At Newt Brothers, their focus begins with their love for growing Cannabis responsibly and breeding unique and exotic genetics. They focus on operating a green and clean facility and garden which contributes greatly in producing what some feel are some of the highest quality concentrates on the market. This includes requiring all employees to shower before entering the facility, bi-weekly professional cleanings, and HEPA filtration throughout the building. In the spirit of growing responsibly, they use all LED lighting for low energy usage and advanced Terpene development; they make their own nutrients out of just a simple blend of trace elements and essential salts; and they concerve water by capturing all evaporation off their plants and recycle the water. These techniques, combined with their ongoing breeding project to offer unique and exotic original genetics, join forces to offer some of the cleanest and exciting dabbing experiences available to consumers today!

About “Axolotl” Live Concentrates

Newt Brothers “Axolotl” Live Resins and Badders are a new approach to creating some of the cleanest and smoothest dabbing experiences available. Always a single-source product made exclusively from flower cultivated in the Newt garden! The Axolotl process begins just like any other Live Concentrate produced in our lab; the finest fresh frozen cannabis is extracted using butane and sent through high-micron filtration. However, it is then sent through an additional all-natural filter to remove impurities that are naturally present in all cannabis plants. This filter removes a large portion of oxidized fat lipids and chlorophyll, both of which tend to lead to a harsher smoke, can
make allergies flare, and muddle the flavor of terpene profiles of a given strain. What’s left behind is a beautifully colored (or lack thereof) concentrate with high potency, unique and clean flavor, and smooth smoke that leaves your banger/nail clean with every dab. The goal of the Axolotl line is to create this unique, clean and flavorful smoking experience. While many batches do come out completely white or colorless, this is NOT the goal of the product, which is why you will see such a wide array, albeit always gorgeous, range of colors. It’s the experience in smoking Axolotl that has smokers coming back for more!

Cannabis Shatter

In order to ensure the high quality of the product, Newt Brothers marijuana shatter extraction process is done carefully and precisely. BHO extractions must be done properly in order to maintain the shatter concentrate’s translucent amber to reddish color.

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that is known for its potency and considered to be one of the most popular forms of concentrate among Denver area residents. To reach its full potential, the BHO extraction process for shatter must be done carefully and thoroughly. You can trust the experts at Newt Brothers in Denver to take care of the whole BHO shatter extraction process from start to finish. They have worked alongside industry leaders to perfect cannabis shatter extraction best practices, ensuring that Newt Brothers marijuana shatter extraction process is consistently performed correctly, which will certainly reflect in the quality of the product.

Cannabis Wax

In recent years, marijuana wax has become a staple in the concentrate culture of the Denver area. At Newt Brothers, they produce some of the highest quality marijuana wax concentrate you can find in Denver dispensaries. Cannabis wax is flavorful as well as incredibly potent, with a price to potency ratio that is typically somewhere between those of budder and shatter.

Cannabis Sugar Wax

In addition to regular marijuana wax, they also carry cannabis sugar wax, which is becoming more popular in the Denver area. Marijuana sugar wax is less sticky as well as is thicker than regular marijuana wax, and a lot of people prefer it for its rich, complex flavor profile.

Cannabis Budder

Budder is one of the most popular forms of concentrates in the Denver area and beyond. Budder concentrates produce possess high potency as well as strong flavor.

Cannabis Live Sugar, Live Wax and Live Resin

Live cannabis concentrates are a premium form of cannabis. Live concentrates are made using plants that are frozen immediately after maturing in order to maintain their terpene profiles, in turn retaining the plant’s original flavor and fragrance in the final product. N

THC Infused Chocolate Truffles

At Newt Brothers, they make some of the finest edibles available in the Denver area, and their chocolate truffle squares are no exception. They use only the finest ingredients to make a delicious yet potent edible that is as delicious as it is effective. Edibles allow for discreet, great taste consumption without the need for any combustion or smoke, and are constantly growing in popularity throughout the Denver area.

THC Infused Chocolate Caramel Corn

There are a lot of options available when it comes to edibles in the Denver area, but caramel corn squares are perfect for caramel lovers. Newt Brothers caramel corn squares are handcrafted in Denver using silky milk chocolate filled with smooth caramel and embellished with delectable caramel corn.

THC Infused Chocolate Peppermint Squares

Newt Brothers chocolate peppermint square edibles feature delicious dark chocolate filled with luxurious peppermint cream. These squares are handcrafted in Denver and will give your mouth a cool, refreshing taste and with consistent potency.

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