Mountain High Suckers at DANK
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Mountain High Suckers

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Mountain High Suckers

Their THC & CBD infused products have a moderate psychoactive effect, are fast-acting, and provide a host of benefits! Hear from the founders as they discuss the industry on their 1o year anniversary, click here! 

Mountain High Suckers have been making infused hard candies since 2009, and they were one of the first edibles companies to include CBD in their products. Once recreational markets opened up, they offered adult users the same canna-benefits that their medical customers received.

One of our best-selling candies for recreational users are Sweet Pieces, their THC and CBD infused hard candies. Each package contains a variety of sugar free, fruit-flavored pieces. It’s an easy, discrete way to medicate, with moderate psychoactive effects and a relaxing body high, ideal for pain relief and sleep. Plus, you’ll never get too much or too little with our easy-to-dose, bite-sized pieces. Each 10 mg dose includes 8 mg THC and 2 mg CBD, totaling 100 mg in each package.

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1 review for Mountain High Suckers

  1. Ginger
    5 out of 5

    I have tried the watermelon, tangerine and caramel apple These taste great and are awesome on the go relief!

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