Keef Pods by PAX


Keef Brands

Born in Boulder, Colorado in 2010, Keef Brands is a leader in the cannabis beverage space with a suite of drinkable and smokable PAX products that offer a new generation of consumers an alternative drink to alcohol and an innovative new way to celebrate, have fun and enjoy life. Keef Life infused drinks are everything you love about a refreshing stand-alone drink or companion mixer with a burst of THC for added effect. DANK of Colorado is proud to carry Keef Brand products that deliver consistent and comforting results.

Keef Pods by PAX

Keef Pax Pods include high potency distillate combined with popular terpene profiles. They are compatible with the PAX Era technology and offer users one of the most personalized and unique vape experiences in the market. Every hit is perfectly smooth will not disappoint with flavor.

Available in the following strains Maui Wowie (Sativa), GS Cookies (Hybrid), Bubba Kush (Indica). CO2 extracted.

Keef products DO NOT contain Vitamin E Acetate/Tocopherol and are made with ZERO cutting agents i.e. PG/PEG.

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