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ioVia Tinctures, Creams, Gels and Bath Salts

ioVia’s simple and high-quality products were born out of a desire to better serve medical cannabis dispensary patients in Colorado. After years of listening to thousands of patients’ concerns, their passionate team discovered what works (and what doesn’t) for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.

They formulated ioVia with effective blends of CBD and THC, producing a consistent product that delivers the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without the altering side effects of smoking or edibles. ioVia is more than a product; it is a discreet addition to your daily routine that helps you feel better every day.


Everyone’s lifestyle has different needs. Their transdermal creams and tinctures reflect that by offering many dosing options to help you find what is right for your life. Other methods of uptake often vary from batch to batch, making it difficult to find a reliable regimen. The consistency of their products always provides you with the exact dose you need – every time. The combination of high-quality products with a scientific approach has resulted in products that are precise, pure, and perfect for your daily needs.


Each ioVia product comes in several distinct blends of CBD and THC, ranging from HI-CBD, CBD-THC to HI-THC. The presence of THC in our transdermal creams and tinctures is an integral part of our formula. ioVia cannabis oils are responsibly-sourced and chosen specifically with your needs in mind — each different blend is created to address your changing everyday needs. This customer-focused approach has led us to include precise ratios of THC in all of our products that always deliver the results you desire.


We love ioVia products. They’re easy to use and manage. The consistency makes each application reliable and effective every time you use it. Their transdermal creams have no obvious odors or sticky residue. IoVia tinctures have no hemp-like taste. All of our formulas are simple with as few ingredients as necessary. Everything is chemical-free, locally sourced, as well as lab-tested and approved to offer you the best and safest products possible.


True Transdermals make a true difference. Their Cannabis Cup Award-Winning True Transdermal THC & CBD Creams work to pull cannabinoids through the skin and into the bloodstream, making it effective on the point of application and throughout your entire body. Iovia uses a safe transdermal cream base that works specifically with cannabis molecules, allowing them to completely circulate through your system in less than thirty minutes.


The easiest, most flexible way to consume cannabis. Precision Dose Tinctures are made of two simple ingredients: Cannabinoids (CBD & THC) and coconut-derived MCT oils. No additives or fillers necessary. Everything from the oil to the dosage amount, to taking it under your tongue, helps to maximize absorption of CBD and THC. Meaning you feel the desired effects, faster. Plus, our calibrated dropper ensures a consistent and clean experience with every use.

Why under the tongue? Because sublingual dosing is the one of the quickest ways to absorb cannabis (skipping the delay of the digestive process!). The great thing about THC and CBD tinctures is that they can also be used in cooking, in tea, or any hot beverages.

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