Flo Cannabis from Dank Dispensary
Flo from DANKFlo from DANKFlo Cannabis from Dank DispensaryFlo Cannabis from Dank DispensaryFlo Cannabis from Dank Dispensary




Flo is a #1 rated Cannabis Cup winner of 1996, the love child of Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica, bred by Dutch Passion and later propagated by DJ Short. DANK’s cut grows with a purple hue and is known for “session” smoking…not too strong so to allow for functioning daytime use. The plant is described as having pear-shaped buds with purple calyxes. The effects are characterized as light and energetic, allowing for clarity of thought. Flo has a sweet citrus taste, with a slight hint of pine, a soothing but subtle delight for the taste buds. The smell is a bit sour, not unlike menthol, but with a delightful whisper of citrus; quite a distinct aroma.

Flo has a broad range of medical applications. The effects of Flo are described as energetic yet subtle, making it ideal for many as a wake and bake. Flo can provide a perfect boost for creative types, sparking inspiration for artists and musicians alike.


Terpene Profile:

For graphic purposes, the slider bars have been modified to represent a percentage of total terpenes in the flower. In this case, total terps were +/- 4.19%. Results may vary.

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The cannabinoid profile represents the high mark over the past 6 months of testing. Results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using cannabis.

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