Evolab CO2 Cannabis Oil


Evolab CO2 is a company grounded by science. Since its founding in 2011, Evolab has pushed the limits of cannabis science, pioneering advanced technologies that deliver the best experiences for their customers. DANK has been providing Evolab with quality trim and flower for the best cartridges in the market. Their quality control standards are what attracted us to them in the first place.


100-percent pure cannabis concentrates are too viscous and thick for modern vape cartridges. Oftentimes, the solution is to add questionable cutting agents like PG, VG, PEGs, glycerin, or Vitamin E oil/Vitamin E acetate to further liquify the concentrate.

At Evolab, they use nothing but cannabis in their products, which means developing a wholly unique process to extract and purify cannabis terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids into what we call CDCA, a Cannabis-Derived Cutting Agent. With nothing in between you and the plant, you can rest comfortably enjoying Evolab’s entire line of products. Read more about the advanced science involved in creating the industry’s cleanest oils in a blog post from their chief operating officer,  Dr. Palmer.

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