Death Star from DANK Dispensary of Denver
Death Star from DANK Dispensary of DenverDeath Star from DANK Dispensary of Denver

Death Star

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Death Star

Death Star is the potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel and has the shared sativa and indica effects of its parents. It has a mixed taste that combines sweet, skunk, and fuel aromas into a very potent fragrance that isn’t easy to hide. DANK’s cut is extremely potent with a unique terp profile of Humulene and Caryophyllene. The buds are thick, fat, and sticky. This strain may not have the ability to destroy planets, but it does have quite a powerful buzz. Effects can be slow to onset, but once they do, Death Star takes away all cares and replaces them with a state of relaxed euphoria. Great for daytime or nighttime use, this Ohio native now has fans throughout the galaxy.

Death Star features dark orange hairs on dark green leaves, but can also feature bright, green leaves with darker green accents, and the same vibrant, amber trichomes. Death Star has a pungent, earthy aroma, many likening its powerful fragrance as similar to that of a skunk. The taste is dominantly diesel with a slight citrus kick. The sweetness varies a bit, coming in waves. If you’re a big diesel fan you’ll absolutely love Death Star.

Death Star, like all strains, has its own set of medicinal applications. Our customers are DANK have identified it as a migraine eliminator. Many people suffering from depression find solace in medicating with Death Star. It also helps alleviate stress as well. Death Star is also great for insomnia, proving itself a very effective sleeping aid. Nausea and pain are two more ailments that Death Star can be used to relieve. Needless to say, Death Star is quite useful for a variety of disorders and medical ailments. This is a great strain to consider if you’re looking for the best qualities of both sativa and indica to satiate your woes!

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  1. dbpaladine
    4 out of 5

    I have not yet tried this strain. However, if this is ANYTHING like all of the other strains I have tried, this will be THE BEST for those that are clinically depressed and stressed and chronic pain. I just wished there were some edibles with this strain!! Hey manufacturers, Dixie, how about helping us out with this???

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