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Concentrate Supply Company, Concentrates and Extracts

Known for industry-leading live resin sauce, Concentrate Supply Company (CSC) puts the time into producing top quality extracts so that you, the customer, don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the ride. Try CSC live resin, sauce, wax and cartridges from DANK Dispensary.

NO Thickening or Thinning Agents

CSC does not use any thinning or thickening agents in products, and almost all the cartridges offered by CSC contain ingredients solely derived from cannabis. The FRUIT cartridges have a small amount of natural flavoring that has been certified by their supplier. The ARTISAN line contains natural, isolated terpenes free of any other ingredients.

It turns out that many of the black market vapes have used a vape thickener to make their low quality oils look more like distillate. A big player in that was a product called ‘Honeycut’ which is unfamiliar since CSC doesn’t have that issue and their oils are naturally very thick. Turns out those thickeners were 100% vitamin E Acetate. CSC never used anything like that and never will.


Their cartridge’s distillate goes through an extensive molecular distillation process that rids itself of any plant oils that were used as a cultivation ingredient. Their distillation process takes up to 6 weeks for completion, mainly to ensure all contaminants are out of the final product – it then goes to testing to ensure the potency of the raw distillate is indeed safe for consumption.

Heavy Metals

All CSC vapes have been lead-free since 2016. Although testing is not required at this time, this will be coming down the line very soon.

With over 1 million CSC cartridges sold, they have yet to receive a complaint or feedback related to any negative health effects from the consumption of any CSC product.

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