Coda Signature Chocolate and Bath Bombs


Coda Signature

DANK Colorado Dispensary is proud to carry award-winning Coda Signature chocolates and innovative infusions. They begin simply with the highest quality ingredients. Each piece of Coda Signature chocolate starts with ethically sourced cacao. The cacao beans in each of their chocolates can be traced to specific regions of South America. Each of the Coda chocolate varieties brings its own flavor and character – reflecting individual regions’ climate, traditions and environment.

Coda Signature uses whole spices and the freshest ingredients imparting deep and intense flavors that blend perfectly with their cannabis oil. Coda oil is the cleanest form of concentrated cannabis oil available. To extract the cannabinoids from the flower, carbon dioxide is forced through the plant matter at high pressures, resulting in beautifully transparent oil that integrates seamlessly with the flavors of their chocolate.

The Crescendo Collection of Truffles

Innovative and delicious, introducing the Coda Truffles. This 6-piece chocolate truffle collection comes in 3 flavors, 10mg THC each. Proof of the innovative quality came in 2016 as a HIGH TIMES Colorado Cannabis Cup Winner – 1st Place Best Edible.

This collection is full of great anticipation. It begins with white chocolate filled with fresh lemon and a hint of juniper berries. The excitement grows with milk chocolate steeped with Earl Grey tea leaves and sweetened with Colorado honey. And at the peak of this grand crescendo is a luscious caramel spiked with Maldon salt crystals. The Coda Signature collections of truffles are handmade with unparalleled excellence from where they source our ingredients to our level of artistry. Each piece is specially crafted to excite the eye and arouse the palate.

    Luscious caramel spiked with Maldon salt crystals
    Milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey tea, sweetened with local Colorado honey
    White chocolate lightly scented with Juniper berries and fresh lemons

Coffee & Doughnuts

This time taking second place in 2019 in the HIGH TIMES Colorado Cannabis Cup, the THC infused Coffee and Doughnuts milk chocolate bar satisfies your sweet tooth while feeling the effects of infusion. Coda Signature captures the essence of this early morning pleasure. Creamy milk chocolate joins robust coffee and toasted milk, finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

The Symphony Collection

Bath bombs are providing cannabis consumers with relaxation at a new level. The Coda Signature Symphony Collection is a set of 3 bomb packed with cannabinoids that absorb into your largest organ, the skin. At 45 mg THC and 45 mg CBD, the 1:1 bath bomb is also an award winner, taking first place in Topicals and Transdermals category at the 2018 THC Championship. Well done!

Body Essentials bath bombs by Coda Signature are crafted for luxury relief. The Body Essential Symphony Bath Bomb Collection orchestrates the rich effect of cannabis with their unique oil blends to provide a total body experience. Simply drop a single bath bomb into a warm bath, submerge yourself, breathe deeply, and let the effervescent experience wash over you.

  • Uplift
    Formula: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Sweet Marjoram, Black Pepper, and Rosemary. This bright aroma blends the citrus notes of grapefruit with the spicy undertones of rosemary and black pepper.
  • Balance
    Formula: Rose Geranium, Patchouli, and Lavender. This luxurious fragrance harmonizes the earthy tones of patchouli with the blossoming aroma of rose geranium and lavender.
  • Calm
    Formula: Cedarwood, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, and Benzoin. The chorus of scents blends the woody timbre of cedar and the floral scents of sweet marjoram and lavender.

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