Dutch Girl Stroopwafel

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Dutch Girl Stroopwafel

DANK of Colorado welcomes the newest creation from Cannapunch to the dispensary, the Dutch Girl Stroopwafel. Popular in Amsterdam coffee houses, the Dutch Girl Stroopwafels are tasty caramel waffle cookies infused with top-quality cannabis distillate. Dutch Girl THC Stroopwafels edibles have a nice crunch on the outside and chewy on the inside and pair extremely well with coffee, cocoa, or tea, but they’re also great just by themselves. They come in strawberry, chocolate, lemon, and caramel flavors in 100 mg packages that contain 10 cookies each.

Some edibles take a little while to make their effects known, this is one of those – don’t get impatient and overdo it. Dutch Girl Stroopwafels deliver a strong, satisfying head high that then spreads out through the body with a relaxing, chilled out vibe. Read a complete review of this product from The Social Weed.

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