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Ascend High Terpene Extracts


Ascend High Terpene Extracts


Ascend utilizes a proprietary extraction process that isolates the compounds your body desires and removes everything it does not. Ascend’s innovative formulations ensure cannabinoids and terpenes are working in concert to deliver the “entourage effect” – a medicinal and recreational experience far superior to the sum of their individual parts.


There is a secret to their sauce. Their High Terpene Extract (HTE) is the result of our innovative approach to capturing a wider breadth of flavor, aroma and cannabinoids for a true to the plant experience. In fact there are no solvents, waxes, fats or other undesirables, just premium cannabis oil.

Ascend HTE carts offer all the flavor and potency of a dab, on-the-go. Their newly engineered smart cart optimizes vapor production to deliver big, beautiful hits that pack a punch. Experience the Ascend difference at DANK, their Water Clear cannabis terpenes make their HTE carts the truest representation of your favorite strains.


Created specifically for the everyday vape consumer, Ascend’s Experience platform translates terpene specific entourage effects to simplify your purchase decision. Ascend’s proprietary vape profiles are all-natural, flavorful and potent.


Indica Origin Genetics


Hybrid Origin Genetics


CBD + THC formula for body and mind wellness


Sativa Origin Genetics


Ascend Letter of Trust about Vaping

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