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1906 THC Infused Chocolate

1906 is redefining edibles with delicious fast-acting experiences. They’ve created five distinct formulations that combine low-dose cannabis with targeted plant medicines. Each experience is thoughtfully engineered to help you do all the life stuff better—whether that’s improving energy levels, relaxation, cognitive function, mood, sex, or sleep. This is a new high.

1906 THC Edibles at Dank Dispensary


We’ve all heard a story of way too many “special” brownies. The problem with most edibles is that they take 60-120 minutes to truly kick in. This means that you can’t tell how you’re going to feel, until it’s too late and you’ve already taken another. Thankfully, 1906 solved this problem with a patented lipid micro-encapsulation process that allows you to feel the edibles within 20 minutes or less. This results in more accurate doses, and way more consistent and predictable effects.


Human beings have been tapping into the incredible power of plant medicines for thousands of years. Cannabis is but one of these medicines. 1906 combines carefully selected single strain cannabis with plant medicines to create very specific enhancements. This means our experiences provide targeted highs that help you do all the life stuff better and keep you highly-functional.


A lot of brands use hybrids or imprecise mixes of cannabis. This makes it difficult to produce consistent effects and some people feel it’s a highly unnatural way to consume. 1906 uses single strains (either indica or sativa) so that your experience is very safe, predictable and consistent. And they never ever allow pesticides near their healthy cannabis plants. Everything we use is triple screened for chemicals, contaminants, and nefarious microbes. We also triple test for potency, to make sure all of our dosages are extremely accurate.


1906 poached their chief chocolate maker from the largest organic artisanal chocolate maker in the country. 1906  sources natural ingredients of impeccable quality, and then they test and taste and experiment and repeat until they are very, very happy. The fancy technology mentioned above (micro-lipid encapsulation) also works to mask all cannabis flavor. All you taste is great chocolate.


You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD and THC and which one is better, and which one will help your migraines, and which one will give you the giggles. But nature intended CBD and THC to work in tandem. They’re a power duo. All of our experiences are carefully-considered and contain optimal ratios of CBD to THC, (either 1:1 or 5:1) to give you the premium effects and ultimate predictability.

1906 Drops

1906 THC Edibles at Dank Dispensary

1906 Drops are a toolkit of six plant-based experiences to optimize every part of your day. These thoughtful formulations combine THC and CBD, plus super-effective adaptogens and herbs for energy, arousal, relaxation, sleep, focus, and a happy mood. 1906 Drops are designed to fit perfectly into your life—and your pocket. Each drop is vegan and gluten-free and contains zero calories. Drops activate in 20 minutes or less—making them the fastest-acting edibles on the market.



Genius Drops for Brainpower

An optimal blend of five plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis to promote cognitive performance. Each Genius Drop contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD.

Chill Drops for Relaxation

A unique blend of high-CBD cannabis and plant medicine to promote relaxation. Each Chill Drop contains 5mg THC and 25mg CBD.

Go Drops for Energy

A powerful blend of cannabis, caffeine, and three plant medicines to promote energy. Each Go Drop contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

Bliss Drops for Happiness

A euphoric blend of four plant medicines and cannabis to promote extroverted happiness. Each Bliss Drop contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

Love Drops for Arousal

An exquisite blend of five herbal aphrodisiacs and cannabis to boost arousal. Each Love Drop contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD.

Midnight Drops for Sleep

Midnight is a thoughtful blend of plant medicine and cannabis to promote sleep. Each Midnight Drop contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

1906 High Love *Lovers Edition* Heart Chocolate

1906 THC Edibles at Dank DispensaryLover’s edition is a limited edition heart-shaped chocolate that you snap in half to share with your love. High Love is a herbal mixture of plants said to “make your bed levitate.” 1906 High Love contains Blue Dream cannabis and five plant medicines for sensuality, including Damiana to curb inhibition, Catuaba to increase sexual desire, theobromine for energy, Ashwagandha to reduce stress and boost libido, and Muira Puama, known as the “Viagra of the Amazon.”






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