Building Community with Ganja Yoga

Ganja Yoga

In the summer of 2015, DANK Dispensary began to support the tribe of yogis at Twisted Sister Yoga when they offered the Twisted Sister Ganja Yoga Retreat, first of its kind! We were as thrilled then as we are now to be a part of this discernable gathering of yogi smokers. The following year, the Elevate and Align Ganja Yoga Retreat attracted the interest of the cannabis community from as far away as San Francisco, Florida and New York as we welcomed 60 participants to the event that included a VIP tour of the grow at DANK Dispensary of Colorado. Through the years, we’ve enjoyed packing bowls and rolling doobies for the ganja yoga tribe, as we aligned with our people. We found that the integration of the marijuana plant and yoga can be exceptional for mind and body. The union of ganja and yoga is not a new concept. 2000 years ago in India, for example, Brahmin Sadhus practiced yoga and smoke hashish as they prepare their minds for ritualistic yoga practices, like meditation, bhakti, and mantra.

The blending of yoga and cannabis continues today, as we sponsor weekly ganja yoga classes in Denver, Colorado, and each summer, the Twisted Sister Ganja Yoga Retreat. Ganja yoga classes and retreats are invite-only and tickets must be purchased ahead of time. Sign up at Twisted Sister Yoga to receive your personal invitation to ganja yoga events.

Jay Griffin, Dank and Twisted Sister Ganja Yoga“What is ganja yoga?”

Ganja yoga is yoga, with a twist. Grab a mat, a block, a strap, a bolster, and a doobie. Prepare yourself for a yoga class unlike any other.

Ganja yoga integrates your yoga practice with mindful cannabis consumption. Just like your yoga practice, ganja yoga focuses on the breath, leading to meditation, stretching and asana flow yoga.

Ganja yoga is mindful cannabis consumption. Smoking cannabis with intention gives each inhale a newfound purpose as ganja yogis breathe in cannabis and exhale intentions to the universe. Ganja yoga creates a safe space for exploring cannabis at your own pace with the comfort of knowing you are with friends.

Ganja yoga is a gathering of your community. It is an open community of like-minded, health-conscious, culturally-diverse yoga enthusiasts. Ganja yoga A heartwarming hug, a kind smile, a community of smoking yogis. Ganja yoga stimulates strong bonds through the physical act of sharing a pipe with your neighbor, an offering of oneness that is unparalleled in social events.

Dank and Twisted Sister Ganja YogaAs a proud sponsor of ganja yoga, DANK Dispensary Recreational and Medical provides specially curated cannabis flower for ganja yoga. We developed our first Terpene to Chakra Chart in 2019 that aligned our cannabis cultivars with the metaphysical chakra most affected by consumption. In this way, we help you elevate your endocannabinoid system and align your chakras during every yoga practice.

The teachers at Twisted Sister Yoga have been developing their practice for years and have identified those yoga poses that create a safe experience while allowing yogis to test their limits if so desired. Fear not, ganja yoga is not shy about failure. In this crowd, seeing is believing and trying is succeeding.

In this class, kindness is the que.

We align ourselves with companies like Twisted Sister Yoga who believe in elevating our lives through cannabis. If you have an event your think we should be involved with, please contact the DANK owners at Keep up with all the events from DANK Dispensary by signing up for our email list here.

I hope to see you at a class soon! Keep it kind!



Jay Griffin Owner at Dank Dispensary