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DANK of Colorado, Recreational and Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Cultivating cannabis from Park Hill in northeast Denver, welcome to the DANK Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Dank you for staying engaged with us. DANK Dispensary takes pride in our process of growing and selling adult-use and medical cannabis, one that has been refined since inception in 2009. DANK Dispensary is committed to cultivating kindness through safe practices and sound principles. DANK Dispensary follows industry-leading procedures that deliver dense, sticky and terpene-rich flowers.

You can read all about the 8 Stages of Production in our blog series, staring with Propagation and right on through Harvest. Follow the DANK Dispensary blog posts to hear from the owners on the cannabis industry as well as events and parties. It is immensely gratifying to look back on the accomplishments since receiving license 11. We were there when the industry made the transition to Child Safe Packaging. We were there when edibles shifted from 100 mg packages to 10 mg dosing. We were there when Recreational sales took off in 2014. What a wild ride!

You can keep up with DANK Dispensary by signing up for our monthly email, “Frosty Nugs and DANK Buds.” Each month, we will feature products and associated dispensary specials. Look for coordinated “Pop-up Promos” when our vendors post up in the store for Q & A…and of course, offer our loyal customers deep discounts and vendor gifts. The DANK Dispensary newsletter also includes links to our newest blogs and videos. We strive to inform our readers on the latest innovations from our cultivation and dispensary operation as well as the market as a whole.

You can get an inside peek at our Denver cultivation facility by booking a tour with City Sessions Denver. Please mention that you want to see the DANK Dispensary and Grow at 3835 Elm Street in Denver. Whether you want to know all the details or simply witness the Plant in full bloom, your tour will be unforgettable. We welcome you to see how we do it, just a half-mile south of I-70 in Park Hill.

Finish the tour in the store where we proudly sell DANK flower, Colorado concentrates, edibles and topicals. With over 100 menu items, it’s no wonder we are considered Denver’s best dispensary, keeping kind since 2009. Watch for store improvements in 2019 as we add counter space and the all-new: Concentrates and Vapes counter. Look for innovative products from Evolab CO2, Ascend and Concentrate Supply Company. Talk to our knowledgable staff about the latest products and the most popular brands like Mary’s Medicinals, Dixie Elixir, and Mary Jane’s Medical.

On behalf of all of us at DANK Dispensary, we look forward to connecting with you. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact DANK member Jay Griffin at jay.griffin@dank-colorado.com.

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We are a Colorado licensed cultivator and dispensary, MED License 402-00011, Amendment 20 and Amendment 64 compliant. We’ve been cultivating kindness since 2009. Our quality genetics and our dedication to potent and terpene-rich buds are what sets us apart. For more information on DANK’s stages of production, follow our blog by joining our mailing list.

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