DANK Dispensary Specials

Our mission at DANK is to provide top-quality cannabis at affordable prices to shoppers from around the world. We’ve developed Monthly Sales, Daily Deals and Ongoing Specials designed to save you money on Colorado’s best cannabis, cannabis infused products and cannabis extracts.

Monthly Sales

DANK dispensary july 4 and 710 sale

710 40% OFF Inventory Smokeout

Read more about this month’s featured products.

dank dispensary newt brothers sale in denver

40% OFF Newt Brothers Cartridges$99 Oz

DANK 710 July 4 Inventory Sale

30% OFF Newt Brothers Live Resin, Wax and Shatter

DANK Dispensary July 4 Independence Day Sale

Medical Flower Sale:

Medical shoppers enjoy a wide selection of quality flower on sale this June. Members of DANK Medical, receive an ounce of flower for only $79 out-the-door (OTD), any shelf, any flower, mix and match by halves. Non-members, get an ounce of bomb shelf flower for $89 OTD; or VIP flower for $99 OTD. Look here to see what flower is on sale today!

DANK Dispensary Ounce Sale 710 July 4 in Denver

$99 Ounce Sale

Daily Deals

DANK Dispensary Specials every Monday

Monday Deal

Enjoy 20% OFF everything in the store every Monday (applies to regularly priced items).

DANK Dispensary Specials every Tuesday

Tuesday Deal

Visit DANK on Tuesday for the Flower Sale. Look for deals on Ounces and Half Ounces in both medical and recreational stores.

DANK Dispensary Specials every Wednesday

Wednesday Deal

Visit DANK on Wednesday for deals on cannabis extracts like wax, shatter, badder, budder, rosin, resin, distillate and diamonds.

DANK Dispensary Specials every Thursday

Thursday Deal

Cannabis drinks and soothing topicals are on sale every Thursday. Look for savings on salve, lotion, cream, patches and bath bombs. Save some coin on cannabis infused water, beer, juice and elixirs.

DANK Dispensary Specials every Friday

Friday Deal

Choose any number of pre-rolls from DANK. Pick your favorite from indica, sativa and hybrid.

DANK Dispensary Specials every Saturday

Saturday Deal

Save big time every Saturdays on vape carts by Ascend, Evolab, Rockin, Eureka, Natty Rems and more.

DANK Dispensary Specials every Sunday

Sunday Deal

Save some coin on Sunday with discounted cannabis edibles by Incredibles, 1906, Coda, Wyld, Dialed-in, Nove, Dabba, Cheeba Chew, Green Hornet and more.

Ongoing Specials

DANK Dispensary Specials Denver Colorado

Concert Special

In support of live music on Colorado, show your ticket stub to a concert event to save 20% OFF regularly priced items.

DANK Dispensary Specials Denver Colorado

Veteran’s Special

We support Veteran’s of the US Armed Forces with 20% OFF regularly priced items, a special thanks to you.

DANK Dispensary Specials Denver Colorado

Industry Special

The love is real. Cannabis industry employees who show a badge get 20% OFF regularly priced items.

DANK Dispensary Specials Denver Colorado

Local’s Special

If you live in the area, save on everything at DANK with 20% OFF regularly priced items.

DANK Dispensary Specials Denver Colorado

First Timer Discount (Medical)

If it’s your first time to DANK, you’re welcome anytime! Enjoy 20% OFF regularly priced items at DANK.

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