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It’s easy to SHOP ONLINE and even easier to pick up your stash via WALK-IN EXPRESS or CURBSIDE PICKUP. Load your cart, submit your order and make your way to DANK Dispensary of Colorado.

Curbside Pickup

Upon your arrival, call our front desk and use the drive-through service for CURBSIDE PICKUP on the west side of our building. Debit cards are preferred because you can stay in your car. You can pay by cash, but please park in front and come inside. The ATM is available, identification is required.

Walk-in Express

If you choose to visit the dispensary in person, you are welcome to shop in person or place your order online for walk-in express. You can expect the same personable experience, at a safe distance of course. Since our patients and customers may have health conditions that require additional precautions to safeguard themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, please be mindful of them, our most vulnerable, during this crisis. Additionally, our staff has overcome several major challenges to help maintain safe access to cannabis. Please be understanding of the toll an unprecedented event such as this can have on them by being prepared for your transaction.

Phone Your Order

For those without access to the online platform, please call our front desk to request an order be prepared for you, no problem. You will be treated with the same respect and welcoming attitude you’ve grown to love. In much the same way as our SHOP ONLINE feature, your order will be prepared by our hard-working staff while you make your way to DANK of Colorado. Upon arrival, join the drive-through queue and phone the front desk to let them know of your arrival. Again, stay in your car, we’ll come to you.


In the store, we have modified our facility to close the Retail Cannabis Store while maintaining open access to the Medical Marijuana Dispensary, with proper identification of course. Additionally, please consider the following guidelines while in our facility:

  • Have your Medical Marijuana Registry Information and state identification ready to set on the table for inspection
  • Wait in the hallway for your turn to be called into the store
  • Maintain extreme physical distancing standards of 6 feet
  • Cover your cough and sneezes using your elbow
  • Use the sanitation stations provided at the front door
  • Avoid using the vending machine and guest restrooms if at all possible

Here is What You Need to Know

  • Medical and Retail customers shall both use the same drive-through lane that starts at Elm Street and wraps around the south side of our building, from east to west. Follow the signs, it’s clearly identified.
  • Upon your arrival, phone the dispensary (303-394-3265) to let them know you’re waiting in the drive-through lane.
  • On the call, we’ll let you know your revised total and deliver it to you at our drive-through service, curbside.
  • Coupons have not been integrated into the online shopping platform. If you have a coupon, discount card, rewards card or qualify for a discount (veteran’s discount (20%), locals discount (15%)), please include the information on your order form under “Notes”.
  • Daily Specials have not been integrated into the online shopping platform. If you have loaded your cart with items that qualify for our daily special, our budtenders will make the adjustment prior to payment.

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