Colorado Retail Cannabis Laws

Responsibility Starts
With Knowing the Laws

These are the laws you need to know to safely, legally and responsibly use retail marijuana in Colorado. If you have any questions about “recreational” or “adult-use” cannabis, please do not hesitate to speak with a bud-tender at DANK or shoot me a tweet at the address shown in my biography.


Safety is a big part of our commitment to the communities we serve and to our customers, which is why we’re helping spread the word about the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Cannabis Conversation — a campaign to help identify solutions that will keep Colorado’s roads safe.

Marijuana-impaired driving is an unfortunate and complicated issue in Colorado – one that CDOT has set out to explore further through this first-of-its-kind campaign designed to spark a meaningful conversation about the problem and potential solutions. Eyes are on Colorado as we blaze a new trail with the legalization of recreational marijuana, and we’re determined to play a role in addressing this issue. By engaging with CDOT and The Cannabis Conversation, we hope to play a valuable role in helping connect our customers with the campaign. You can find out everything you want to know about your legal rights in Colorado by exploring the Responsibility Grows Here website.

Cannabis Equivalency

While consumers are allowed to possess 28 grams of retail cannabis, there are some calculations involved with the numerous product types in the market. One gram of DANK flower is not the same as 1 gram of cannabis extract. In fact, an eighth of retail flower is equal to 1 gram of concentrate. Use the equivalency rates here to maximize your purchase to 28 grams of THC in the retail store.

3.5 grams of flower = 1 gram of concentrate = 100mg infused product (edible and/or drinks)


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In 2010, Jay took a position at DANK of Colorado, a medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation start-up in Denver. In serving many positions at the dispensary, his experience in developing procedures for business startups, marketing, human resources, and professional consulting helped grow DANK into one of the most popular dispensaries in Colorado. During his time with DANK, he worked hard to develop the company's first standard operating procedures, emergency operating procedures, employee manuals, and training manuals, all of which continue to be in use today.

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